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“I was looking for relief from HR, and to improve the benefits for my employees, and I had heard that a PEO could possibly be the way to accomplish those things. Pete at PEOPossibilities helped me through the entire process; sitting down with me to understand my business and what I was looking for, then spearheading the search for the RIGHT PEO for my situation - and helping me understand the PEO proposals so I could make a very educated decision. PEOPossibilities saved me much time and energy throughout the process, and we ended up with a PEO that we are very happy with. And HR is now off my plate, so I can reallocate my time to more important things - and sleep well knowing Ultimate Labs is HR compliant and my employees have better benefits.”

Kim Lim, CEO

Ultimate Labs, Inc.


“We’ve utilized a PEO since our inception more than a dozen years ago. We are a small firm of seven employees, and we’ve had Pete analyze our PEO relationship on few occasions when we’ve come up for renewal, to see if there might be something better our there for us, among the multitude of PEO options. And in each case, after analyzing our situation at that time, and with his in-depth knowledge of the strengths/weaknesses of other potential PEO options, Pete has advised us to stay with our current PEO. That’s extremely valuable information that we couldn’t have easily obtained on our own.”

Jay Myers, Partner

Bruno Skorheim LLP, Certified Public Accountants


“I have known Pete for more than 15 years - when he worked for a PEO, my company utilized the services of the PEO he represented and as such, had the opportunity to reciprocate and provide public relations services to them. We had a great working relationship and when he made the transition to another PEO, we made the move as well. And now, in his current educational / advisory role at PEOPossibilities, Pete not only understands his industry, but he takes the time to really understand his clients' business. It is just one of the many reasons he will be a welcome advisor to your team.”

Abbie Fink, Vice President/General Manager

HMA Public Relations